Sunday, December 14, 2008

Buenos Aires, 11/15/08

We went to Buenos Aires about a month ago to attend the wedding of one of Ed's classmates. We had a wonderful time and were lucky to make the trip with frequent flyer miles. Some friends (who live up here) let us stay in their apartment in Recoleta.

One thing I particularly enjoyed was being able to get around fairly easily with Sesame Street Spanish and an okay reading vocab from English, French, and Latin (collectively).

Our second stop after arrival (first we got sandwiches) was Freddo, purveyors of fine dulce de leche helados (gelato).

We walked around Recoleta and visited Plaza R. Pena. Those are chinaberry trees.

Ed did some studying in the lovely apartment where we were staying.

Tim and Ed (along with the rest of us) sang Happy Birthday to Diego, the groom.

Since we were at an Italian place, Amici Miei in San Telmo, Diego's birthday cake was tiramisu.

One of Amici Miei's owners, a former singer at Teatro Colon, performed several famous arias for us.

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