Monday, December 15, 2008

Buenos Aires, 11/16/08

We started our day at Feria de San Pedro Telmo. The photo below doesn't really capture how crowded and overwhelming it was. I was also hesitant to take pictures of the many people in very strange costumes (I wasn't sure if tourists were supposed to pay them for photos).

After reading the excellent article "Argentina on Two Steaks a Day," I was disappointed at how long it took us to find steak number one. Finally, after gawking at the gorgeous fresco in Gallerica Pacifica (a high-end mall) and running into a few of Ed's classmates, we had one. Yum. Then of course for dessert we had dulce de leche helados.

Some weird art in Galleria Pacifico. This wasn't even the weirdest art there.

Then it was off to the wedding, held at the gorgeous Palacio San Souci (a historic mansion) in Victoria.

Gorgeous outdoor ceremony. Due to complete separation of church and state in Argentina, the ceremony was purely religious. The civil ceremony and paperwork are completely separate.

The first dance.

Argentinean weddings go all night and feature lots of food and fun. The first entertainment was a pair of professional Argentine tango dancers.

The Tone Bellows reunited and sang for the Sloan Fellows.

There were also professional salsa dancers who gave lessons. Then everyone was provided with hats and masks. Here Ed does something I like to call the "Bill Cosby dance."

Fun times.

The limbo. BTW, Ed was not drunk. Not even a little bit. He is just a lot of fun.

I didn't get a mask, so I was a bit jealous of Mariam! We were fortunate enough to be on our first flight, from Boston to New York, with Teck and Mariam. I really enjoyed getting to know them better. (Totally random side note: I was very distracted at Logan Airport by the unedited, poorly punctuated tweets from random people that CNN was running in the crawl.)

This hat was so perfect for Harry.

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