Thursday, December 18, 2008

Buenos Aires, 11/19/08

We signed up for a tour with Alfonso and Charlotte. First we took a smaller tour bus, then met up with a larger tour bus. Then that bus took us to Tren de la Costa, which we took a few stops to San Isidro. Here is the beautiful cathedral there:

Then the bus picked us up again and took us to Tigre, where we got on a tour boat. Tigre is on a delta. There is little land, which is used for housing. Things like schools and supermarkets are all on boats.

Alfonso found the tour to be terribly exciting.

After an interminable bus ride back to Buenos Aires (the highway was closed due to a protest) I enjoyed my last el bife de chorizo of the trip in Puerto Madero.

We also had our last dulche de leche helados. Sigh. Here's a picture of "our" Freddo on "our" corner, Arenales and Callao. It was a great end to a wonderful trip.

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