Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kitchen renovation, part seven

Ed took a short break from kitchen renovation until he finished finals on December 10. Right after his last exam, he came home and installed the cabinet glass and cabinet/drawer pulls.

He started tiling the floor on December 13.

Ed back-buttered the tiles before placing them in the thinset.

We decided on a brick pattern for the 6x20" tiles.

Ed has gotten a lot of use out of this tile saw.

Brad, the wonder brother-in-law, helped out all day on the 14th. Here the boys strategize about the best order for tile-laying in areas around the kitchen.

Almost done!

Later, Ed installed the under-cabinet lighting.


Baseboards and toe-kicks on deck.

The completed floor on the 22nd.

The kitchen as it was on December 23rd. Still remaining: changing out the lights, tiling the backsplash, and putting up the moulding at the top of the cabinets.


Robert H said...

That is looking beautiful. You have quite a handy man there.

On a side note, it looks like I might get this ride in tomorrow (last minute!).

Cathy said...

Looks awesome! You must be psyched. When done, you need to post the before and afters side by side (or underneath).

lemmie said...

Looks fantastic!

mimsie said...