Sunday, November 30, 2008

Festival of family and friends

I got sick last week which ended up being a blessing in disguise, as I wasn't really in the mood to go into the office. So I worked from home for a few days with my lovely officemate, Betty.

My dad flew in on Tuesday night. Kris and I went with him to the Peabody Essex Museum on Wednesday. On Thursday, we all headed to my mother-in-law's place in Connecticut. Here is a trailing economic indicator of Thanksgiving at the CVS near her house.

Here's the whole group, including two uncles-in-law, three cousins-in-law, one aunt-in-law, my MIL, and my family.

My cousin-in-law Erin is dog-crazy. Here is she protecting Lani's delicate coat from dessert crumbs.

On Friday we went to Silas's 2nd birthday party at Fiona's mom's house in Connecticut. Silas was a little shy about blowing out his candle, so Brad helped him out.

Uncle Ed!

We all enjoyed some super tasty ice cream cake.

On Saturday, Ed and I made our first meal in our new kitchen. He grilled some fish that he caught this past summer at man camp.

Kris helped me make Swedish rhubarb pie using our grandmother's recipe. It's my dad's favorite. I used rhubarb I bought last summer at the Bedford Farmers' Market.


claudia said...

You and I have similarly cute office mates in kitty circles.


Mmmm. Rhubarb.

Il Bruce said...

Between the red dress and the fuzzy slippers that little girl to far too cute.

Michele said...

Indeed... she's even cuter in person.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming down for the party! And we love the pumpkin hat.


mimsie said...

I love Uncle Ed's hat(s). Man camp! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Nice office chair :) When we decide to get Dina a good office chair, we ended up buying one from Steelcase through the EPP as well.