Monday, May 16, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day rocked. We slept in (we all had minor colds and I was coughing quite a bit, so I skipped the group ride I had planned to attend). Then we took Elliot out for his first ride in the trailer. This is a Chariot Cougar that Ed has been taking Elliot out running in for over a year, so Elliot got really excited and pre-boarded before we had even changed into our bike clothes.

Our first stop was the bike shop.

Then we stopped for yummy sandwiches and coffee at True North. It is far cooler than that awful web site would lead you to believe.

Our final stop was the park near our house. I'm sure none of the other people there thought it was weird that we were playing with Elliot while wearing lycra and bike shoes.

Inspired by this article in Real Simple, I got some nice stitch-bound sketchbooks for Elliot to fill over the years for us. Here's the first page of my "mom book."

My first thought: Wow, this is the best thing ever!! My second thought: How will I ever match this for Father's Day?

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megA said...

Elliot is getting so tall, and you are as beautiful as ever. See you soon!!