Sunday, May 15, 2011

Big House Project: Part 9

At the end of April, Ed hired a stone mason (the same one that dug and poured the footings for our sun room/deck) to redo our front steps. They were concrete and were just a little lopsided, with a small platform that would make it difficult to install railings to bring it up to code.

First, the crew jackhammered away part of the original steps. (And prior to this, David's crew had finished up their remaining tasks, including putting up the shutters. The porta-potty and dumpster were removed. It took me two days to notice.)

Then they put in New England fieldstone and bluestone treads.


It makes a huge difference, but it will be easier to see the overall effect once the columns. railings, new front door, and storm door have been installed (probably by Ed).

Everything takes longer than planned, which my project manager experience has taught me to expect. :) In the meantime, our fireplace bumpout is proving to be an excellent place to store Elliot's stroller and tricycle.

(That adorable little Adirondack chair was something Ed found in someone's trash while he was out running when I was pregnant. The previous owners painted "Edward" on it.)