Saturday, June 11, 2011

Big House Project: Part 10

We're now at the point where our contractor has just a few small jobs left before we have the town inspect everything and Ed can start on the interior finishing.

As a reminder, this is still what the addition looks like from the front:

Our contractor has changed out the doors on the addition, giving us a clearer view of the backyard. We've started to envision what might go in this space. We're thinking about a bench (possibly built-in) along the wall that faces the front, a small couch facing the fireplace (you can see the bumpout in the left of this photo), and two long, skinny tables along the back wall where we can drink coffee and/or eat breakfast while looking out over the deck and backyard. We're trying to maximize the available seating. Once Ed has cut a wide doorway from the addition to our kitchen, this will be a lovely space to hang out with friends.

The post covers are on and the railings and balusters are waiting to be installed. Unfortunately one small part was not correct and should be in next week, when the railings should be done. The three stairways from the deck and addition are also almost done.

We're also thinking of adding a patio in the backyard once the deck and addition are done, with some more seating and a small fire pit.

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Anonymous said...

Looked great when I saw it last week. And hey, nice grill in that last shot.