Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Talking about the little guy

Me: Our son is totally going to be nerdy.
Ed: No he's not!
Me: Well, I'm a nerd. I'm not saying he won't be athletic or anything.
Ed: (not reacting well)
Me: He'll have to wear glasses when he's four or five, like me. And you'll probably buy him sweater-vests.
Ed: Yeah, that's pretty nerdy.
Me: Maybe we can get him hipster glasses.


Bob said...

A 5-year-old in glasses and a sweater-vest. What's not to love!

mimsie said...

Don't worry, hipsters made nerds cool again. Just cross your fingers it lasts.

Kris said...

Ed knows he's a nerd too, right? It's all good, the "cool" kids from school are working at the carwash on Kapiolani right about now.

Robert H said...

I'd hang out with him.

elizabeth said...

AGAIN, have you all forgotten about Aunt Elizabeth?