Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kitchen renovation, part six

Shortly after our return from Argentina (pics to come), Ed finished prepping the kitchen for the countertop installation, including installing the last two cabinets. I helped him lift the microwave into place, which ended up being pretty difficult. It's nice to have a microwave that's out of the way and not taking up counter space.

Two very nice guys from Stone One in Methuen installed our countertops yesterday. They did excellent work and we're really pleased.

Then Ed worked on the faucet. The Moen Level fit the available space so I returned the back-up faucet.

My dad was visiting and helped out a lot, both with the faucet install and with looking for all the parts we needed at Lowe's for the plumbing (Ed stayed home during that trip).

There was some soldering...

Don't tell anyone. I'm having an affair with my plumber.

Ed started installing the drawer pulls today. As you can see, he's already set up his coffee station.


Donna said...

Your new kitchen is AWEWOME! I think I'm jealous - even tho I don't cook!

MB said...

you two are SO DARN CUTE!

you're hair is loooong!