Friday, April 4, 2008

The Democrat War

I'm back from an overnight trip to northern VA for work. I don't have the radio stations figured out yet (I haven't looked them up and I never know if I'm getting a car with satellite radio or regular radio, and sometimes I don't rent a car and get an International Man of Mystery to drive me instead). So I ended up listening to C-SPAN, and I have to say the hearings on Bear Sterns and Southwest were really interesting. This morning I heard a call-in show.

Michele [8:46 AM]: I heard the funniest thing on the radio this morning - I think it was C-SPAN

Michele [8:46 AM]: a woman called in and insisted that the Iraq war is a "Democrat war"

Alison [8:46 AM]: no frakkin' way!

Michele [8:46 AM]: "George Bush said 'Mission Accomplished!' It was the Democrats who said 'No!' "

Alison [8:46 AM]: LOL!

Michele [8:46 AM]: she had a heavy Southern accent and sounded like she was about 90 years old

Michele [8:46 AM]: the host thanked her and made no comment, then picked up the next call

Alison [8:47 AM]: omg. do you think it was a prank call?

Michele [8:53 AM]: No.

Michele [8:53 AM]: It was simply breathtaking.

Alison [8:53 AM]: jeez--do you think she still drives, too?

Michele [8:53 AM]: ha!

Michele [8:53 AM]: probably not, what with the Democrats making gas prices so high

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