Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wells Ave

Ed and I raced together at Wells today. It's always fun for us to race together. The first race of the season is kind of awkward -- trying to remember: where all my stuff is, how to dress for a race in sunny 35 degrees F conditions, how many bottles to bring and what to put in them, the exit on 128 for Wells Ave, etc. The race itself was pretty good. I wasn't too freaked out by the pack and my bike felt comfortable, even though I haven't touched that particular bike (SSR 953) in 6 months. I had trouble staying in a good spot out of the wind and got tired pretty easily, but I'm satisfied given that I'm 4 weeks behind in my training (due to travel, illness, and school) than I was at this point last year. I think I'm going to have to skip ahead to my "in-season" plan starting in April and just try to sink or swim. I only have one or two races planned in April, then nothing until June (for all the weekends in May, I'll either be at school or traveling, or avoiding an unappealing race).

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Robert Higdon said...

I saw your bike on the IF Women's blog. It sure is beautiful.