Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Big House Project: Part 6

After the blizzard on Dec. 27, both crews came back for a few more days of work and then stopped, perhaps until the spring.

Here's the current status:

Ed is going to rough in the electrical in the sun room and get it inspected. Then he can insulate and put in the drywall, trim, and floor. Once that's done, Bob's crew will move the kitchen vent and cut a hole between the sun room and our kitchen, removing the door and window that are there now. Bob is also looking for a new front door (for the house, which will coordinate with the sun room doors) for us and sourcing the fireplace.

The stonemason who did the footings will also be leveling the front steps and putting on stone. Then the permanent posts for the portico can be installed, as well as railings. There's some nice white flashing to emphasize the change in pitch on the gambrel roof here (installed after the previous set of photos were taken), but it's hard to see because of the snow/ice. I've always liked how much room the gambrel afforded us on the inside of the house (vs. a traditional Cape), but found it to be rather unattractive from the outside. I think the flashing makes it much more interesting. We had also thought about putting in dormer windows on the front, but the one that would go on the left as you face the house would open up into the master bedroom closets. I think going with the one skylight on the right was a much better choice.

Bob's crew will come back to finish the two sets of stairs you see here.

They will also be finishing the deck railings and building the third set of stairs into the backyard, which will go to the left of the french door. You can see where the window in our bedroom was moved. David's guys will be coming back to finish up the siding around that window, as well as install the gutters and the remaining gable vent. (The window in the upstairs bathroom is open in these photos because the ceiling paint smelled really bad.)

Then we get to decorate the sun room! So there will be more posts about the Big House Project in the coming months, but this is it for now.


Devon said...

It's beautiful! What a transformation. I can't wait to see the new space all finished.

Cathy said...

What a difference! The house looks awesome. And I know you will get A LOT of use out of that porch. The blue is a much nicer color, too.