Friday, January 21, 2011

Big House Project: Part 2

All of a sudden, it was November. We picked the contractor for the "porch," which we started calling a "sun room." We started making decisions about windows, how big the deck behind the sun room would be, what work the contractor would do vs. what work Ed would do, etc. Oh, and we picked out a fireplace.

It turns out we were actually planning on building the Davis Square Starbucks and attaching it to our house.

On December 2, according to my Twitter feed (because I really don't remember), work began.

Soon, our house was naked; the siding and deck were torn off.

On the side with 40-year-old siding, some of the framing had rotted and needed to be replaced.

A crew came to dig holes for the footings for our sun room/deck/coffee shop.

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