Saturday, January 22, 2011

Big House Project: Part 3

The siding crew, working under David, soon had the house HardieWrapped.

Here's the siding, in a lovely shade called Boothbay Blue.

With all the work that was going on, our house was no longer completely sealed off from the outside. One morning, we heard some scratching as we got Elliot dressed. I went outside and discovered a very fat squirrel squeezing his way in to the house via the place where the gutters/soffit used to be on the front. I tried to wave him off with a snow shovel but he was tenacious. (It was very cold outside.) The crawl space between our closets and the roof is accessible through a door in Ed's closet, so after Elliot and I left, Ed found the squirrel in the crawlspace and made a lot of noise to scare him off. Fortunately this was our only critter issue. :)

The siding crew was Brazilian but understood David's North Carolina-accented Spanish. Heck, we understood David's Spanish. It reminded me of the SNL sketch "La Policia Mexicana," which was "written by Miss Larkin's 4th grade Spanish class."

The contractor for the addition, Bob, had a crew whose members reminded us of undergrads at UVM.

They burned our old deck for warmth.

The framing crew made quick work of the walls and rafters.

The windows and doors went in around Dec. 17.

I've always wanted a portico; David worked on this himself.

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Devon said...

Yay! A construction project! This is so much fun. (For me, at least, looking on from the outside.)

So you used the pre-painted Hardie? We briefly considered that but heard it was really expensive. Regardless, it looks great! Can't wait for Part Four!