Friday, November 6, 2009


My dad and his girlfriend Sherry visited last week. We had several gorgeous days of sightseeing. It was a super fun visit. :)

On Sunday (10/25), we went for a nice walk on Battle Road in Minuteman National Historical Park. My dad took this photo:

Ed and I played around with our newish camera and took these:

I love the way this photo came out:

The next day, Kris and I took my dad and Sherry along the Freedom Trail. These photos are his.

Kris accompanied Dad and Sherry on a trip to Maine, which roughly followed the tandem ride Ed and I did earlier in October.

On the last day, Ed made us dinner. Here he is doing his best Swedish Chef impression.

We can't wait to have Dad and Sherry visit again! My dad will be back sometime after the little guy shows up. I hope we have an unseasonably warm January for his sake.

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