Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tandem ride

Riding my own bike is becoming less fun, so last Sunday we got out the tandem and rode to Verrill Farm in Concord. It worked out really well. I used the telescoping stoker's stem to get a nice upright position and Ed didn't have to wait for me. Next time though, I will get out the Camelbak. I had trouble getting to the bottle cages on this bike when I wasn't pregnant and now it's pretty much impossible. Fortunately on this ride, Ed had a spare bottle in his back pocket that I could get to easily.

Pic from the back-of-the-tandem cam, as Claudia would say.

The pumpkins at Verrill Farm were looking really lovely.

We had so much fun that we bought a tandem tray for our roof rack earlier this week. We've already got a few rides planned. We'll be doing a belated anniversary trip in mid-October in southern Maine and now we can take the tandem. It seems fitting, since it was a wedding gift from my dad.


Il Bruce said...

I'm glad they didn't catch you smuggling that pumpkin.

Robert H said...

Totally stole my pumpkin joke!