Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mayflower International Triathlon

We went to Plymouth (home of Plymouth Rock, which was on the course) for Ed's second triathlon yesterday. It was a gorgeous day and I had the best iced coffee and breakfast sandwich (egg and cheese on a Portuguese sweet bread roll) before the start. I'm glad that it's not too hard to get Portuguese sweet bread around here -- it's one of my favorite Hawaii foods.

The swim went along the jetty in Plymouth Harbor. Here all the guys in Ed's wave lined up by the boat ramp and then started the swim.

Ed did a textbook cyclocross dismount after the bike section, which had a lot of short, steep hills and went through Myles Standish State Park.

The run. Ed went even faster this week than last week!

Floating on air at the finish. This was a longer course than last week.

Ed was 2nd in his age group! Unfortunately he got the wrong age group trophy, but the promoter said he would send the correct one next week.

And here's the baby bump at week 28. It's getting a bit hard to transport this thing with all the walking involved with triathlon spectating -- I'm going to have to break out the running shoes for next week's half-Ironman so I'll have some more support. Or maybe I'll bring my own bike so I can get around more easily. If I do, naturally I will avoid the triathlete faux pas of riding without a helmet and festering in a chamois for hours and hours after the event is over.

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claudia said...

Super cute baby bump!