Saturday, September 26, 2009

Baby shower

My MIL and SILs hosted a lovely shower for us with Ed's extended family on 9/19.

This panda cake doesn't know what's coming. Ed decapitated it. (This is the same cake mold my MIL has used to make fabulous kid-friendly cakes since the '70s.)

Baby jail!

Tiny hat.

These overalls were worn by Ed's uncles and then by Ed. Don't spank! Ed's comment on this photo in FB: "I imagine this was a cute joke in the 60s. Today, an overbearing liberal political statement. Excellent."

Ed's mom made us the cutest quilt. There are little messages under all the duck wings.

(Almost) the whole family! The funny thing is that even though these are Ed's blood relatives, the majority of the people in this photo have my last name.

Micah, my SIL Liz's Yorkie, always gets lots of attention. Here he is with Ed's friend Allison, whom he's known since they were 10. (Recently she graduated from Sloan one year ahead of him.)

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