Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cape Cod bike trip

Last Friday, Ed rode with his friends Allison and Adam from Watertown to Plymouth on the first day of the trip. Here they are near Plymouth after riding through a tremendous downpour.

Allison is underwhelmed by Plymouth Rock.

I joined them in Plymouth the night before day 2 (Plymouth to Brewster). We were overwhelmed by the extensive breakfast menu at Persy's before we started riding.

Starting day 2. Anjuli took the train from Boston and joined us.

Crossing over the Sagamore Bridge to the Cape.

Sadly, this jersey doesn't really fit anymore.

Along the Cape Cod Canal.

Cape Cod Airport. Not too long after this, we got to Barnstable, where we had ice cream. Adam, Allison, and Anjuli continued on to Brewster, where they were camping. (They rode on day 3 from Brewster to Provincetown.) Ed and I turned around and headed back to Plymouth.

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Robert H said...

Not enough bike photos. I'll let it slide...this time!