Monday, September 29, 2008

Well, that pretty much sucked

When the weather forecast was still good, I pre-reged for a 'cross race 8 miles from my house. (The race was at Middlesex Community College, which had a gorgeous, classic New England college campus. The MCC campus kicks Univ. of Hawaii's ass.)

Then things changed and it rained for three days straight.

My friend Geoff Martin took some great pics.

Some more of Ed, by Geoff.

Some more of me, by Geoff.

Geoff's full album, for those of you who love mud.

Ed and I took these:

There were only five 1/2/3 women, so being DFL was still good for a spot in the podium photo and $20. (Photo courtesy of Teri C., who finished 4th.)

Reminder to self: you have a rule about not racing in the rain for a reason.


Robert H said...

The look on your face is priceless. I'm glad you did it!

*high five*

claudia said...

That is an awesome B&W shot of you. You should print and frame that one.

Cathy said...

Nice job! Mud is good, BTW, although we didn't have any in VT... ;)