Saturday, September 20, 2008

Swimming, swimming, in a swimming pool

So, I went last night to try out Minuteman Masters on new swimmer orientation night. I thought there would be more talking/touring, but instead we did a shortened workout (probably 1500m). Of course I should have gotten in the pool for a few weeks in advance to get ready, but instead this was the first time I'd swam (with the exception of a few days in 2003 after my shoulder separation) since 1995/96. Because I am a procrastinator like that.

Back then, I swam for a few months for the age-group team at Hickam AFB, where I was the only swimmer old enough to drive. I also swam briefly during my freshmore year in college with the age-group team that practiced at the same pool as the Univerity of Hawaii team. I was never fast enough to get out of the slowest time bracket in any of the events, but I remember really enjoying it.

I think the practice went pretty well, though it took me a long time to feel comfortable breathing. Things got better after the coach helped me make small adjustment that stopped the "OMG I'm drowning" feeling during backstroke. There's nothing like being in a group to make you push yourself. There is no way I would swim 1500m or do stroke drills or use a kickboard on my own. I'll probably sign up officially next week. I'm very slow but my stroke mechanics are okay. Though we didn't do fly and I'm pretty sure I will need to relearn that from the ground up. Not that I was ever able to swim more than 50 yds of fly at a time anyway.

The practices are at Hanscom AFB, which means I have to drive at 14 mph everywhere to be safe. The Air Force takes traffic safety VERY SERIOUSLY.

I'd totally forgotten what it's like to exercise with my upper body. I could barely lift my arms after we were done. In fact, I think my left pec is actually SWOLLEN. Ow.


claudia said...

I'm glad you liked it! And I highly doubt you are, in reality, slow.

Robert H said...

Exercise? We talked about this. Winter is for eating your weight back.
I used to have a pool next door to me growing up but it has been years since I've spent any time in one. Some day... some day...

Anonymous said...

Watch out if you ever have to wear blazers at work - I bought mine in March (pre-swimming season) and by September my shoulders were too wide!
-Karin T