Wednesday, September 24, 2008


On Sunday I headed to Portsmouth for the final crit of the season. It's always a fun race and Susanne Delaney does a great job of promoting it. I got lucky number 13.

The race itself was pretty hard. I managed to hang in with the pack but didn't have the juice to move around much or stay in front. I had a bad feeling going into the penultimate corner on the final lap: it was off-camber, leading people to drift off their lines, and we hadn't taken it very hard on previous laps. I was next to Sam when she went down (fortunately no serious injuries) and briefly locked up my rear wheel when I slammed on my brakes in the turn to avoid her. I still managed to finish in the pack though for a very satisfying end to the season.

Afterwards I got a chance to walk around Portsmouth and chat with JD. Here he is hard at work while the men's race finishes.

David Rizzo posted some photos of the women's race on Flickr.

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