Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tour de Friend

Friday was a big day.

We started off with breakfast in Boston at the Logan Hilton with Fiona and Silas, who were passing through on their way from Iceland to Washington DC.

We had lunch with Blake, Cindy, and Hattie in Northampton, the Asheville of the north. (They'd flown up from Asheville to see family and were on their way from Hartford to Montpelier.) We went to Paul and Elizabeth's -- so yummy. We forgot about our camera ("camnesia") until it was almost too late.

After this we pretty much gave up on the camera. :) We went to Meg & JD's in Easthampton to hang out for a bit. So fun! We talked about Apples and home improvement and kittehs and D2R2. We had so much fun in fact that we were a bit late heading back home.

When we arrived, Brad, also passing through from Iceland to DC, was waiting for us in our front yard. We had some dinner, did the Career Anchors quiz (because we are so much fun like that), and watched some Tour.

I hope we have some more friends passing through New England again soon!

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