Sunday, July 13, 2008

Attleboro and New Britain

Two races this weekend. Attleboro went pretty well. It was a combined masters and 3/4 race and sketchy as hell. At one point someone came up on the inside of turn one and hit my elbow with her shifter. I think this same rider also hopped on the granite curb to cut turn 2. I get the feeling that not everyone needs intact collarbones and acromioclavicular joints to do their jobs like I do. :) I managed to get near the front before the finish and got 4th overall, 2nd in my 30+ field. Cathy got first in the 3/4 field. I'm so proud of her!

Today was a different story. It was super windy and the breakaway strategy I had proposed was clearly unwise. I rode poorly and kept getting stuck behind riders who were letting gaps open. I popped off in the wicked headwind to the start/finish about 2/3 of the way through and jumped back in after getting lapped. With one to go I got stuck on the right as the pack drifted toward me and had to put on the brakes to avoid hitting an outcropping from the curb. I felt like such an idiot. After that there was no getting near the front to try to help Silke, but she pulled off an impressive 3rd place nonetheless. Ah well. I had the best time with Brenda, Silke, and Pauline, so that made it all worth it.

All the driving was boring and kind of silly. 300+ miles for 2 crits? I decided to scale back next weekend and am just doing Claremont on Saturday and then Wells Ave with Ed on Sunday.


Cathy said...

Results are frinally up. I think that sketchy girl (she scared the jeebers out of me) was from CA. She also wore so much perfume that I thought I was going to choke when she rode up next to me...

Fun race for sure, and a much better finish for me than last year ;-). Thanks for the encouragement.

claudia said...

WOO HOO! Congrats!

And good thing sketchy girl didn't hurt anyone.