Sunday, September 5, 2010

Party time, excellent

We spent last weekend on the Connecticut shore at a reunion of the Sloan Fellows. First we attended a lovely and exceptionally well-executed party at the home of one of Ed's classmates, Brian, and Brian's lovely wife, Shelly. Sadly, Elliot was too young to enjoy the awesome treehouse platform and zip-line that Shelly built.

Ed took this artsy shot.

Ed and I each brought one small bag for our overnight stay in a hotel. Elliot had, I don't know, about 6 bags. He usually sleeps well at night but seemed cranky about not being at home, which combined with all his crying in the car made me not want to go anywhere with him until he's 10 years old. At least. :)

After a yummy brunch with the Fellows at a diner in New London, we took Elliot to the Mystic Aquarium. He loved the fishies!

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Devon said...

Yeah, babies have tons of luggage, but the worst part is how they're total prima donnas about carrying it.