Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A new record

In 2003, Ed and I had the mixed tandem Charlie Baker Time Trial record for about a week. In 2006, he rode it several times on the tandem with our friend Brooke and traded the mixed tandem record back and forth with our friends Mike and Cathy.

This summer, I noticed that while there was a mixed record and a men's record, there was no women's record. So I went out and rode the course by myself on my TT bike to gauge my fitness. My time was embarrassingly slow -- I don't love TTing and baby-wrangling has wrecked my forearms, so the aerobars hurt. But Ed talked me into giving it a try anyway. I asked Brooke if she was interested. We started training together a few weeks ago, and it turns out she's an absolute natural as a tandem pilot. (And it's nice for me that I can use drop bars as the stoker.) We first met at a bike race in 1999 and have done many of the same races throughout the years, so we're each pretty comfortable with the other's riding style and worked together really well.

We made it to the time trial last Wednesday and set the women's tandem record at 22:27.5, 26.05 mph for 9.75 miles. This is only 50 seconds slower than the last time I rode the tandem on that course, with Ed, in 2006. :) Brooke and I had a lot of fun and we'll be back again tomorrow!

Having such a cute Supporters Club president to cheer us on at the finish helped!

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Anonymous said...

Wicked. We may have a cuter set of supporters' club co-presidents than yours, but it's touch-and-go.