Monday, April 12, 2010

Waffle Cross

Some guys at Wheelworks had the brilliant idea to combine waffle making/eating and cyclocross into one event: Waffle Cross. It is definitely a case of the whole being more than the sum of its (incredibly awesome) parts. I went to the inaugural Waffle Cross on Sunday. Ed and Elliot came along for the waffles, but left before the ride.

First things first. I made a half-hearted attempt at gaufres de Liege, but it did not work. I was trying to take a shortcut with turbinado and waffle mix. I'm going to have to rethink this for the next Waffle Cross. The waffles were yummy, but they were not wafels. (Speaking of wafels, there's a Belgian street food place, Saus, opening in Faneuil Hall.)

I just joined a new-to-me team, HUP United, and I got to meet some of my awesome, friendly new teammates (Chip, Justin, and Jenn) and get my new kit. Check out Chip's excellent Waffle Cross write-up.

Photo borrowed from Andy Huff, Waffle Cross maestro:

Also from Andy:

My baby, he is fast:

Trying out mommy's bike:

We headed out on Concord Ave ('cross-worthy in its own right), where I promptly got dropped on the climb. Fortunately this was a fun, non-race-style ride so we regrouped at intersections. As Chip put it, "It wasn't attacking like on some group rides it was more just plain letting it rip because it was so cool to be on cross bikes with other riders who are just as stoked as you are about cross." I had so much fun getting to know everyone.

Photo borrowed from HUPper Jenn.

We went to Battle Road and rode it both ways.

I admit I was a little overconfident about Battle Road, which I've ridden many times on my road bike. But this was my third time outside on a bike since last October and I am sooo rusty. I know the fitness and bike-handling skills will come back, but yesterday I was having trouble turning, kept picking bad lines, etc. By the time we turned around and came back on Battle Road I was a little less sketchy. Then we went back to Concord Ave. We took a very nice detour through Rock Meadow and then back to Wheelworks. I was completely knackered but managed to ride home.

So fun. I can't wait to do it again next month!

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Devon said...

Is that your car behind Ed and Elliot in the fourth picture? If so, we have the same car. If not, pretend this post was about how cute your little guy is in his PJs! (Or are those his daytime clothes? It's so hard to tell with babies, especially in the winter. Either way, adorable!)