Friday, April 2, 2010

Swim meet

I did my first swim meet since 1996 last weekend. Ed and I competed at the New England Championships (short course yards) on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Elliot came along and was so good. He watched most of our events from the end of the lane. It was pretty cool to be swimming the breaststroke while seeing my two favorite guys cheering for me.

I didn't know how to come up with seed times, so I went to my local pool and swam all the events in one afternoon. It was only three weeks after I'd started swimming again (Elliot was 11 weeks old), so my times were so slow that I considered not entering. But I worked really hard leading up to the meet and blew away my seed times. Out of almost 1100 swimmers, I was the 9th worst seeder. :) I swam in 12 events (100 IM, 200 IM, 400 IM, 50 Free, 50 fly, 100 fly, 50 back, 100 back, 200 back, 50 breast, 100 breast, 200 breast). I also did 4 relays. It was exhausting. The overall distances per day were pretty short compared to what we do in practice, but it was tough to sit around all day (12 hrs on Saturday -- humans are not meant to be damp for that long) and get up every so often to do a very short, intense race. I'm sure holding a wiggly baby for half of that time didn't help either. It was so humid that Elliot's feet got prune-y.

I was pretty excited when I beat Ed's time in the 200 IM, but of course he shaved 20 seconds off his seed time when he swam the event after I did. This is just like xc skiing -- I get him to try a new sport, and then he gets better at it than I am. :) US Masters Swimming was giving a prize to all heat winners in the 200 IM. Ed and I both won our heats and got very nice USMS polo shirts that make us look like USMS employees.

Elliot was so interested in what was going on that he barely slept on the first day, but fortunately he was ready to nap a bit on the second day.

My guys!

Me with Elliot and our teammates' baby Annika. We swim for Minuteman Masters, so these are the Minutebabies! I found out a few weeks ago that one of the swimmers in my lane is pregnant and heard earlier this week that another woman in our lane is also pregnant. Exciting!

Here I am doing my favorite stroke, breaststroke. I really enjoyed swimming the IMs and fly as well.

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