Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kitchen renovation, part eight

Ed installed the moulding just before the end of the year.

Moulding complete!

Ed tiled the backsplash on New Year's Day.

First wall done, only two to go.

Turning the corner.

Removing spacers.

The thinset is curing.

Grouting (three days later).

Ed framed the window with some extra toekick and spacer material and installed a new light.

Lola checks out the new light.

It's hard to photograph, but here's the photo from the web site where we bought it:

Almost done -- the last thing will be replacing the track lighting with recessed lights.


Kris said...

I totally would have turned on the water while Lola was checking out the light. I'm a big meanie.

The kitchen looks so awesome!

madalyn said...

It's looking really great, Michele! Ed's doing some fantastic work!

megA said...

Does Ed hire out?