Monday, August 18, 2008

My husband, the coffee snob

As we walked back during low tide from Salt Island to Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester, we walked past some Dunkin' Donuts cups. I stopped and turned around to pick them up. It was disgusting, but I am still the person who did a project on plastics killing marine mammals for the science fair in 7th grade.

me: I was going to leave them, but then I thought they might wash out to sea and I felt bad.

Ed: Yes, that's a tough call.

me: Really?

Ed: Does saving the planet outweigh the risk of being mistaken for someone who drinks Dunkin' Donuts coffee?


the bamalaskans said...

You made me laugh.

Robert H said...

I prefer McDonalds myself. Mmmm... iced coffee (without the snobbery) and Big Macs.


claudia said...

Thats pretty funny.

JB said...

Hmmmmm... Male, 18-34, probably enjoys watching Rachel Ray on the teevee.

Anonymous said...

How was the water at Good Harbor? That is one of my favorite beaches! -Karin