Friday, August 15, 2008

In the money

Yes, I was 10th, and yes, it was $20, but I was still pretty happy about my race at the Gate City Cyclone Crit last Saturday. The field was completely dominated by two teams, so I resisted the urge to chase anything down and instead concentrated on riding smoothly and feeling comfortable in the corners. Done and done. With one to go I tried to poach the NEBC train but I moved up too early. We got swarmed and I was too far back when the field sprint started, but like I said I'm still happy. It was a real confidence booster.

On Saturday night we headed to CT for an early birthday dinner for my sister-in-law, Liz, and a nice visit with the in-laws. I went to do the Tokeneke RR just 8 miles from my MIL's house. We were with the 55+ guys which made for a huge field (50 women, 20 guys). I went to the front figuring I might as well pull to Beach Rock Road if I could since I always get dropped there. However it was not totally downhill for that first 8 miles as I remembered. :) I made it about halfway and then stayed at the back, getting stuck behind some guy who locked up his rear wheel apropos of nothing just before the turn onto Beach Rock, a nasty, bumpy climb. After that I was alone and tried to ride my own pace. I really don't enjoy the climbing though. 2400 ft/22 mile lap, x2. It's all up or down. Around mile 15 I saw Ed riding around. He rode next to me to the start/finish and then I dropped out. I got the camera and we got some pics of my teammates while riding the course in reverse.

I've ridden by this building numerous times and it was fun to finally stop and take a look. It's part of the Saville Dam.

I was really suffering by the time we finally finished and seriously questioned whether I have the endurance for D2R2. But we kept checking the forecast and it's not going to be raining (fingers crossed) and we got some new equipment and we're going! I think it's going to be fun. Or at least, very bloggable.


Robert H said...

You better do D2R2 ... or umm... something! Go do it. Take as long as you need and enjoy it. It isn't a race. Eat lots and lots of food!

Megan said...


you will completely be able to do the d2r2!

the first dirt climb is loose and a bit steep and people tend to get bunched up there--don't try to race to that climb, let all the crazy folks hit it first and then pick your way through their fallen remains. . .