Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Home again

My class last week was so much fun. I got to sit with two of my favorite classmates, Lisa and Chris, with whom I started the program.

We had some good times outside of class, including drinks with our favorite associate dean, another visit to Dinosaur BBQ, and a round of afternoon tea that turned into a 8.5-hr talkfest. (These were some interesting and tasty drinks at Unique Tea House -- Chris had the "Green Night Elf.") I will miss them! Fortunately Lisa lives within a couple miles of my house and Chris has friends in Boston, so it won't be too long before I see them again. I have one more short paper to do before I'm done with school.

I got home late Friday night and had watched all my saved-up TV within 24 hours. Now I can start on the stack of books I've been piling up as a reward for finishing school. Oh, and the laundry.

On Sunday, Kris graduated from Tufts. I'm so proud of her! I managed to find some sock yarn in Tufts colors at etsy to give her as part of her graduation gift.

I snuggled with four different dogs at her graduation party and elicited no additional interest from Lola and Betty after I got home.

Betty is settling in well. She and Lola were within 3 feet of each other on the bed for an hour this weekend. They're not friends, but they tolerate each other. Once in a while they get a little feisty -- this morning they had a skirmish that woke me up briefly at 4 a.m. Betty likes to herd me once I start getting ready for bed. It seems to be her favorite part of the day and I like having the reminder to stop staying up so late for no good reason.

Ed is in Bombay on the Sloan Fellows international trip. We've had a couple of conversations on Skype. We got video to work last night -- it was great to see him. He's having a great time. He usually feeds the turtle, Benita, but now I'm on turtle duty as well. I actually said something to my sister yesterday about how I couldn't come over until after I had "fed the animals," as if I lived on a farm or something. ;)

I'm re-starting my training this week. It's kind of hard to get back into my pre-grad school habits but I'm working on it!


Robert Higdon said...

Jeez... I want Dinosaur BBQ.
Life is totally unfair sometimes.

Bob said...

I think you are probably more of a zookeeper than a farmer, and congrats on being almost out from under the school pressure. WooHoo!