Sunday, July 3, 2011


I'm so behind with everything right now. Will try to quickly catch up with blog posts...

We spent part of Memorial Day Weekend at Yale for Ed's reunion. We had a great time catching up (him) and meeting new people (me). We stayed in a dorm (not so bad, really) and Elliot enjoyed playing with the other toddlers at Camp Bulldog. And I do love returning to New Haven, of which I have very fond memories from when Ed and I first met and, 2 years later, started dating.

Carillon tour and private concert:

Drinking cups and singing at Mory's:

Yeah. This basically could not be any different from my experience at a large, cheap, commuter state school.

Ed singing "Bright College Years" with some of his closest college friends:

People hanging out after the class dinner (I was testing out my new portable DSLR tripod):

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