Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ride #3

Things are getting off to a slow start this year with riding. We kept getting sick and sadly, were not ready for the Ronde de Rosey. Looked like a lot of fun though! My second ride of the year, a month ago, went pretty poorly. I totally fell apart 2 hrs in to a 4hr+ ride (stupid) and ended up urging my companions to go on without me. I would have called Ed to pick me up had I not left our only car capable of transporting both a baby and a bike in Lexington. Ride #3 finally happened yesterday. My team's new kits just came in, so I arranged to meet up with Chip and his friend Steen at Ride Studio Cafe. After espresso and croissants (and picking up my bag of awesome kit), we headed out on Battle Road, which is maybe even more fun on a road bike than a 'cross bike. Tomorrow is Patriots Day, so it was crawling with minutemen and redcoats.

After that, we did most of the CRW Thursday night loop. It was windy and I am terribly out of shape, so the route markings enabled me to keep Steen and Chip, who aren't familiar with the area, heading in the right direction so I could suck wheels. Fortunately, they were quite gracious and waited for me after each hill.

We've been having lots of gorgeous, sunny days lately, and Ed has set up the Chariot as a trailer so we can start taking Elliot on rides. So I hope that soon, riding my bike will become such a common occurrence as to not be worth mentioning in the blog.

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