Monday, February 7, 2011

Awesome weekend

We started off Saturday meeting my teammate Chip for snowshoeing in Needham.

Elliot was a good sport and enjoyed the view from the big baby backpack (hand-me-down from our wonderful ex-neighbors). Afterwards, we were famished and stopped at Bickfords for brunch. Once we got home, Elliot took such an unusually long afternoon nap that I ran out of little projects to do. :)

On Sunday, brunch again! We met our friends Julius and Sara at Masa. So yummy. We all went to Barisimo for coffee after that. Ed loved the Colombian coffee that we got so much that I'm concerned that the entire pound will be gone by tonight.

Finally, Ed and Elliot watched the Superbowl while I finished up a big project, a web site (which I put together using a pre-built template) for Elliot's small, non-profit day care.

So... perfect mix of exercise, brunch, family time, and productivity. I wish all weekends could be so awesome.

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