Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Visit from Po-po

I am woefully behind on blogging. We recently had Elliot's Po-po (Chinese for "grandmother") and his Grandpa Roy come to visit all the way from Hawaii. We had so much fun with them. My mom is so great at getting Elliot to laugh! She is a baby comedian.

Elliot took his first subway ride!

And then his second, when we met up with Brad and Silas for a trip to the Harvard Natural History Museum. They were in town for Fiona's grad school reunion.

After the museum, we had Vietnamese food.

We did the Burlington Education Foundation 5k run/walk. Ed, Brad, and Kris ran, while Mom, Roy, and I walked. Elliot protested against the infant seat, so we had to take it off and spend some time reconfiguring the stroller after the start of the walk, which meant we were just about DFL. You know your "athletic career" is in trouble when you're worrying about whether or not you can complete a 5k walk in under an hour. :)

Mom discovered that Elliot thinks sideways people are HILARIOUS.

It was a wonderful visit. We hope Po-po and Grandpa Roy come back soon!

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