Monday, May 3, 2010

Nice piece of glass

I got a new (used) lens for our DSLR (we have an Olympus E-520 and the lens is a 14-54mm f/2.8-3.5) and got to try it out over the weekend. Here are some of the resulting photos. I love the lens!

Ed did a sprint triathlon at Hanscom AFB, where we swim. We found out less than 24 hours before that the swim team members were invited to participate.

Elliot and I spectated.

Later, we went to a Kentucky Derby party, a fundraiser for swim teammates of ours who are doing the Swim Around Key West in June. Ed got a seersucker sport coat for the occasion and we put together a costume for Elliot. Unfortunately we arrived after the "best dressed" contest was finished.

A couple of shots of Elliot on his playmat:

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Devon said...

I understand the bike and run pictures, but is that really how you guys swim up there? I know aero helmets are fast -- but not so much in the water. Or maybe you've outsmarted the triathlon and made it bike-bike-run?