Monday, June 8, 2009


Thanks to Twitter and Facebook, this blog has been a bit neglected. I forgot I should probably post this news here as well: we're having a baby! Due date is Nov. 30.

Photos from the CA and HI trips to come...


Cindy Esselstyn said...

I have happy chills on my happy chills!


Hattie can't wait to babysit. :)


CBH and L

madalyn said...


(Can you tell I'm catching up on my blog reading?) :)

Devon said...

OH MY GOSH! Your baby is due on my birthday!

(I guess that means you won't be in HI when we're there before/during/after Thanksgiving.)

I'm late getting on board (didn't know about the baby -- or the blog -- until today), but congratulations to both of you! And to him for being yours! What a lucky little guy!