Sunday, April 19, 2009

Boppard and Marburg - 3/14/09 and 3/15/09

So, I finally went through the 900 photos from our trip to Europe (that is the real number) and edited them down to a more manageable group of 80+. The photo set is up on Facebook as well. I'll work on posting them here over the next couple weeks.

We were away from 3/12 to 3/28 and had an amazing trip. We bought Eurail passes and took the train to as many cities as we could. It was exhausting, but in a good way. :) Our friends Heather and Alan recently moved from Anchorage to Wiesbaden in Germany, so we had a very convenient home base and wonderful company on the weekends.

Over the course of our trip, we went to:

10 churches
5 synagogues
21 museums

We arrived in Frankfurt on the redeye and spent most of our first day sleeping. The second day (Saturday), we went with Heather and Alan and their daughters Meggie and Laurel to Boppard for a Rhine cruise.

Laurel was very popular with the Chinese tourists on the Loreley Star (cruise on the Rhine). They kept giving her candy and then cleaning it off her face to take more photos. It was cute until it was weird.

This is the "Klosterschenke," or "cloister pub." This is a pub connected to the church. The entrance to the church leads through the pub and, so claimed the tour guide, the pastor pours the drinks at the bar.

Aboard the Loreley Star on the Rhine with a castle in the background. Ed got very good at these one-armed photos.

Erdinger beer in the town square in Boppard.

On Sunday, we took the train to the university town of Marburg. We visited St. Elizabeth's church, then Landgrave Castle. It was a very steep climb to get up here! (Photo borrowed from Heather.)

The view from Landgrave castle.

Meggie: the 5-year-old who ate Marburg.

This t-shirt could be yours for just 40€.

It says:

Alarming and unforgettable.

Sometimes I think,
sometimes I don't.

Flavored toothpaste,
pirate radio, morning,
poetry, glam rock,
plastic plants, zoom,
handyman, solid hair

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Robert H said...

Holy smokes... even the euro mannequins have bad hair.

Looks like an awesome trip.